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I liked this story because it explained stage by stage the life of a wolf!

Awsome!! by victoria2010victoria2010, 06 Apr 2013 01:14

it was a nice story because it was a mistery and i like mistery becasue it is intereesting and some times funny

I like this story because it talks about the wolfs and they are so cute when
they are young!

I don't know this story is good like for me but i don't find the reason!

I like this story because i like animals and talks about the wolfs!

How cute are the pufflings that I want one isn't that cute to have
one,what cute it is but dirty!

I like that story how it was growing and Marisol was very happy the flower was special for her!That's not nice to have a garden!

what a garden up in the top that's a amazing thing that i have never imagined
like that garden wow that's very very cool and very very amazing wow cool
like a big garden in all the sides woooow coooooooooooool!

this is really rare but i do not want to broke the authors feelings because the
fist was mad and the other was good like two faces at the same time,i like
stories but i don't like stories that are boring

i like that story like a person babysitter for an orangutan!thats cool!

safety is good for everybody

i was a greatstory i love it

is nicee by victoria2010victoria2010, 30 Dec 2011 14:07

i liked alot this story because it tells an explains stage by stage the like of a wolf

exellent by victoria2010victoria2010, 04 Nov 2011 20:29

it is like one side or two sides

two hearts or two lands by mie chen2010mie chen2010, 20 Oct 2011 00:13

tis story is coool

cool story by mayelin2010mayelin2010, 12 Sep 2011 14:05

i love theme because the story tells all the steps

THEY ARE SO CUTE by victoria2010victoria2010, 09 Jul 2011 03:38

cute but dirty

cute pufflings by victoriaf2010victoriaf2010, 21 May 2011 23:39
lia2010lia2010 17 Apr 2011 14:45
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this story was so funny an cool it was a super duper story

cool by lia2010lia2010, 17 Apr 2011 14:45

it was not good i dont want to feel author feeelings but it was boring!!!!

boring by lia2010lia2010, 17 Apr 2011 14:41
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